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Conversational Kiosk SolutionsCommunicate

Glasir AI builds voice controlled, AI powered, kiosk solutions for retail businesses. The kiosks are custom built for each business depending on your needs. Use it as an information kiosk in your shop. Have the kiosk take orders and print receipts. Tell us your requirements and we will work it out with you. Solutions are built for your business to service your business.

Know with confidence your solution will be built upon Google Cloud Infrastructure. We utilise Dialogflow so you can take control of your conversational customer experiences. Stay in control of your data collection. Have the power to add your own questions with answers. Control your own verbal responses to conversational paths. Any repetitive enquiry your customers will ask can be automated and utilised to sell your products. Your service bot future is in your hands.

Boost sales,
save time.

Voice enabled kiosks can be utilised in many different ways, from boosting your sales, to saving employee time. Use the kiosk and AI to take work away from you and your employees. Save customer time by providing them with quick and easily accessible product information. Use cases are endless, start small then expand to multiple agents. Get started in the world of AI.

Boost Sales

Have your kiosks upsell products. We can program your kiosk to upsell 100% of the time. Increase your profits.

Save Employee Time

Take the repetitive conversations away from your employees. Free your employees up to service your customers needs.

Kiosk Hardware

Every venue is different. Decor, look and branding is different for every business. We can help integrate the required computer hardware into your store to suit your needs. Whether it be an ordering booth or stand alone screen, we can work with any hardware and display configuration.

Kiosk Manufacturer

We work with top quality Australian kiosk manufacturers to provide you with a durable, high quality kiosk. Prices available upon request.

Custom Kiosk

Build your own kiosk for your venue. We will provide computer hardware requirements to get you up and running. Use your current kiosks with our software.

Add a human element to your kiosk

Glasir AI can integrate your solution with List Premier's Zenobot, bringing a human element to your kiosk. Zenobot utilises a 3d avatar with lip-sync software and quality sounding speech, providing a real human to avatar experience for your kiosk. Avatar is human size with a 65" TV in portrait orientation! Service your clients with an intelligent AI powered, 3d avatar. Enquire now.

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